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Rope Technology s.r.o.

Na Výsluní 201/13
Prague 10 PSČ 100 00

VAT Identification Number: 28371500
VAT Registration Number: CZ 28371500
Phone: +420 776 183 242

The Firm Rope Technology has very wide spectrum of services what we do.

  • Special altitude services by the help of mountaineering outfit.
  • Anticorrosive paint system.
  • Wash of skylights constructions, ceilings, glass buildings. This all will be by business as usual and also with compliance of maximum safety provided by the help of grab-nets.
  • For fall both a material and people closeness to repairs.
  • Services practise by mountaineering outfit.
  • Lops of trees by the help of mountaineering outfit.
  • Laying of trapesial metal plate.
  • Assembly of air conditioning.
  • Exchange of wooden ceiling elements and a replace we do for an iron or back for a beam.
  • Making of metal constructions.
  • Settling down of handrail and assembly with new one or exchange for old one.


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